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    Wedding Fairs Online

    Picture of Wedding Fairs Online
    Wedding Fairs Online – an interactive web based service which will promote your business to the brides and grooms of particular wedding venues which you choose to be associated with.

    Complete Redesign

    As the site hadn't been changed since it was first released in the 90s it needed a complete redisign in order to bring it up to 2017. The customer had complete control over the style what was done.


    Mobile first Responsive Design

    As the website was orignally released in the 90s it wasn't Mobile Ready. With this in mind during the redesign it was build up with goal of been completely usable on phones and tablets


    Customisable Content

    As with most older sites, the content had been hard-coded. I moved all content from the pages to the database. This has moved the control of the site from the Developer to the Owner. This provides the owner with a better option going forward as they are not restricted with moving away from Joyce Software, if they chose too




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